#BiasCorrect Plug-In



The #BiasCorrect Plug-In empowers its users to fight their unconscious gender bias by flagging the user’s bias to them in real-time chat conversations and offering up an alternative bias-free word or phrase. Think spell check, but for gender bias.

Why we should all download it: Studies show that unconscious gender bias continues to fuel the gender gap and because it’s unconscious even the most progressive among us is guilty of perpetuating it. In order for us to make progress on the gender equality front, we must first learn how to identify our own unconscious gender bias, to be able to actively work against it.

Learn more about how this issue impacts women in the workplace and find other tools to become a catalyst for change at catalyst.org/biascorrect.



Click on the Add to Slack button to install the BiasCorrect Plug-In in your workspace.

Once the BiasCorrect plug-in has been installed in a Slack workspace, it can be added to any channel within that workspace. To add the plug-in to a specific channel, navigate to the desired channel in the left hand pane and click on the “Channel Settings” wheel as shown in the screenshot below:

From the pull-down menu that appears, select “Add apps…”. In the Search text-box, type “bias” as shown below:

Click on the “Add” button next to “BiasCorrect Plug-in” to add the plug-in to your channel. A welcome message will be displayed like so to all members of the channel:


how it works

Users can now use the “bias-correct” command to learn more about how the plug-in works. Type “/bias-correct help” and hit Enter:

All messages typed in this channel will now be analyzed by the BiasCorrect plug-in to identify unconscious gender bias. If bias is detected, the plug-in will suggest using alternative language that does not exhibit unconscious gender bias. A few example interactions are shown below:

Clicking on the “Bias Correct” button will replace the original message with the suggestion provided by the plug-in:

The next screen-shot shows what happens when the user clicks on the “Learn More” button:



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